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Solve your overheating with cold air…?

Miatas overheating, especially in hot climates is a common problem.  I built a hot air style intake for optimum gas mileage in the cooler weather.  As soon as summer hit and ~120 F was the outdoor temperature, the car wanted to overheat while running the AC at idle.  Both fans were running, the water pump and thermostat were both fairly new with fresh coolant and a clean radiator with zero visible corrosion.  So it wasn’t a case of a weak cooling system.  And upgrading the radiator helps, but doesn’t solve the cooling problems for the local guys running mishimoto style radiators.  I decided to try fabricating an air filter shroud and ducting the cold air directly from the windshield cowel similarly to a product sold by FlyinMiata.


To wrap or to paint?

Vinyl is becoming a popular alternative to paint, and for good reason.  Gone are the days of soap water and architectural vinyl bubble nightmares.  Modern air release films are designed for ease of application.  I used the 3M 1080 Scotchprint vinyl in the burnt orange color to make the miata project an interesting new color. But before we get too far ahead, I started experimenting with the gloss black vinyl on the windshield frame.  With a black top and black windshield frame, the eye is naturally drawn to the other lines of the car, making the car seem shorter and longer.  Vinyl looks best when it is applied in a continuous sheet without bubbles.  I experimented with the black vinyl to see if seams in the vinyl looked bad enough to bother me.  Here is how the application went.