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Miata Roll Bar Install

By far the most drastic change I have had from a single part install was the hard dog hard bar.  This ties the seat belt pillars together and makes the back side of the car nearly as stiff as a typical hard top coupe is.  This kind of rigidity can lead you to realize how much stiffer the miata chassis could be with the proper work.  Honestly the install for this hard bar is very simple and gives you peace of mind if you were to find yourself in a really bad wreck or a rollover.  Miatas aren’t known for being the safest cars in a wreck, so every little improvement goes a long way.  More importantly is this additional chassis stiffness improves the road feel and allows the suspension to better do its job since the chassis is not also twisting and flexing from road surface changes.  This install is simple and quick, even if you have to retap the seat belt tower captured nuts like I did.  Check it out!


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