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Another Aero Curiosity, Rear Bumper Cut

I first spotted this mod on some of the forums frequented by the miata endurance racers.  The discussion centered around the coefficient of drag of the stock miata being ~0.36 which is about the same as that of a ’69 dodge charger, better known as the original General Lee.  For reference, a sphere has a coefficient of drag of about 0.41.  This fact left me really carefully considering what I could do to cut down on drag. One of the methods used by racers seems to be this bumper aero cut where the lower ~1/3 of the bumper gets removed so it can’t trap air and create what is often called a “parachute effect.”  I have studied fluidynamics, so I know a thing or two on this topic.  And the aero cut is definitely better than stock, but only by a margin.  It isn’t my final step in the rear, it needs a full diffuser and a custom exhaust so that air is told where to go instead of being left to find its own path.  But as a first step, this was an easy process.

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