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Aero Versus Tires Part 1

Another area that is easily overlooked when considering aero improvements is what happens with the tires.  When you look at the front end of the 60’s sports cars which inspired the miata design, the front ends look like airplane wings.  So they actually work like a wing and generate lift in the front.  But the wheels are sticking out in the open air churning up a heavily turbulent wake beside the car.  The objective then is to get closer to modern cars where the body work directs the air out and around the tires.  In the case of the first gen miata, the wheels protrude from the body work in the front and back.  This fix for the rear wheels was made remarkably easy by the guys over at Garage Vary who made the rear fender flares I used to direct the air mostly out around the rear wheels.  This should reduce the wake of the air around the rear wheels and help encourage some of the air to separate from the car at that point.  The best part is how quickly this can be assembled. Check it out!