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Is The MTuned Miata Big Rotor Kit Any Good?

In a word, absolutely! I got the kit from Emilio at 949 racing and it was definitely worth it. I ordered the stainless braided brake lines, g60 Corrado rotors, M-Tuned brackets and Carbotech AX6 pads.  Here are all the parts I started with.

The brackets and rotors are fantastic for the street and don’t imbalance the brake system or make the steering heavy. The stock brakes on my g meter app peaked at ~.8 g while the upgraded and bled big rotor kit peaked over 0.9 g which doesn’t seem like much difference. That took at least 3-4 Miata-lengths off the stopping distance from 60.  Here is the install process.

The Carbotech pads, however, aren’t really a street pad. They are by far the most ferocious brake pad I have ever installed in a car. But after 3 rounds of take apart, clean, liberally apply anti-squeal and reassemble, the brakes were still howling. I tried feather light braking all the way up to the Wrath of Khan with no difference in squeal. The stopping power was awesome, but the squeal was relentless. I finally found a Carbotech brake pad review buried deep in a forum and found the clause “…amazing at the track, but on the street they squealed like a stuck pig…” aptly applied to the Carbotech brakes. They are amazing pads, but not quiet enough for the street. I will keep those pads for a track day (hopefully).

So I switched to AutoZone ceramic pads which could still handle my stopping needs. They are dead silent and (compared to pre-brake upgrade) the brakes now grip better and better the harder I punish them with repeated threshold braking. I was worried about the ceramic pad not having enough cold bite to stop a light car, but the bigger rotor (~10″ vs 11″) compensates for that perfectly by increasing the braking torque. Basically I will claim that the NA Miatas need 11″ rotors just to keep up with the MUCH quicker stopping new cars on the road.  Here is my review of the brake kit overall.